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Aer Lingus Accepts Labour Court’s 17.75% Pay Rise for Pilots Amid Ongoing Dispute

Aer Lingus Accepts Labour Court’s 17.75% Pay Rise for Pilots Amid Ongoing Dispute

Aer Lingus
Armstrong and Treacy Shine with a commendable sixth overall.

Aer Lingus has decided to accept the Labour Court’s recommendation of a 17.75% pay increase for its pilots, following a period of intense industrial action that has significantly impacted the airline both financially and reputationally.

In a statement released on Monday evening, Aer Lingus acknowledged the long-term implications of the dispute and expressed hope that the acceptance of the pay rise would bring an end to the ongoing conflict. The airline also urged Fórsa/Ialpa and the pilots to accept the recommendation and cease their industrial action, thanking the Labour Court for its efforts in reaching this conclusion.

The pilots’ union, Ialpa, and a branch of the Fórsa trade union, announced they would hold a meeting of their executive within the next 24 hours to deliberate on the Labour Court’s recommendation. Ialpa President Captain Mark Tighe stated that the union would ensure pilots are fully informed about the details of the recommendation before proceeding with a ballot.

The Labour Court’s recommendation follows a series of high-profile disputes, leading to hundreds of flight cancellations. Initially, pilots sought a 24% pay increase to match inflation since their last raise in 2019 but later showed willingness to consider a lower figure. The dispute escalated as Aer Lingus stood firm on a 12.25% offer, leading to an indefinite work-to-rule by pilots.

With the Labour Court’s final recommendation, Aer Lingus hopes to restore normalcy and prevent further disruptions. The decision marks a significant step in resolving a complex dispute that has challenged the airline and its workforce over the past weeks.

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