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Ardee Wheelchair Association

Ardee Wheelchair Association stands as a vital component of the Irish Wheelchair Association, an esteemed organization dedicated to empowering individuals with physical disabilities across Ireland. Rooted in the fundamental belief that every person deserves a life of choice and equality, the Irish Wheelchair Association spearheads initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and positive change.

As one of Ireland’s foremost representative organizations and service providers for individuals with physical disabilities, the Irish Wheelchair Association operates on multiple fronts to drive meaningful transformation. Through advocacy efforts and engagement with public policy, they champion the rights and interests of people with physical disabilities, striving to enhance accessibility and promote equality throughout society.

At the core of their mission lies a commitment to providing quality services tailored to the diverse needs of individuals with physical disabilities. From nationwide assisted living services to community centers spanning every county, the Irish Wheelchair Association ensures that vital resources and support systems are readily accessible to those in need. Their fleet of accessible buses, national parking permit and driving school service, and wheelchair-accessible social housing initiatives further underscore their dedication to facilitating independence and mobility.

Beyond practical assistance, the Irish Wheelchair Association is deeply invested in nurturing personal development and empowerment among young people with disabilities. Through initiatives aimed at building employability skills and fostering confidence, they strive to equip individuals with the tools they need to thrive in all facets of life.

A beacon of inclusion, the IWA Sport program stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to promoting physical activity and sporting excellence among individuals with disabilities. Serving as the national governing body for wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and powerlifting, IWA Sport hosts sports clubs for children and adults alike, providing a platform for aspiring para-athletes to pursue their athletic dreams.

Located at John Street Business Park, Ardee, Co. Louth, Ardee Wheelchair Association remains a vital resource and ally for individuals with physical disabilities in the local community and beyond. For inquiries and support, please contact (041) 685 3046.

In partnership with the Irish Wheelchair Association, Ardee Wheelchair Association continues to champion the values of accessibility, equality, and empowerment, striving to create a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

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