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Concerns Over School Bus Shortage Raised at Collon Meeting

Cllr Dolores Minogue attended a crucial meeting last night to address the concerns of insufficient school bus places for students in the rural area of Mid Louth. The meeting, organised by concerned parents from the Collon area, highlighted the significant challenges families are facing due to the shortage of school transport.

During the gathering, which saw a strong turnout from the community, parents voiced their frustrations and shared personal stories of the struggles they endure in getting their children to school. The lack of available bus places has caused considerable inconvenience and worry, impacting students’ education and parents’ daily routines.

Cllr Minogue acknowledged the gravity of the situation and expressed her commitment to seeking solutions. “The concerns raised here tonight are valid and urgent. It is unacceptable that so many families are struggling to secure school transport for their children. I will be working closely with the Dept of Education to find a resolution,” she stated.

The meeting provided a platform for parents to discuss potential solutions and to organize further action. Among the suggestions were increased funding for additional buses, revised routes to maximize efficiency, and improved communication between transport providers and families.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled for the end of June, where parents hope to have more concrete plans and responses from the Dept of Education. The community is encouraged to continue voicing their concerns and participating in these discussions to ensure that every student has access to necessary transportation.

As this issue remains unresolved, the residents of Ardee Mid Louth are determined to work together with local representatives and the Dept of Education to secure a solution that will benefit all affected families.

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