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Primary Schools in Co. Louth

Find Primary Schools in Ireland Co. Louth

Primary Schools in Co. Louth

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

St Malachy’s Infant School
St Malachy's Infant School
Anne Street, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9338130)Boys: 131 Girls: 106
St Malachys Boys National School
St Malachys Boys National School
Anne Street, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9338145)Boys: 236
St Malachys Girls National School
St Malachys Girls National School
Anne Street, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9338156)Girls: 250
St Brigid’s School
Ard Easmuinn Dundalk Co Louth (042 9335238)Boys: 59 Girls: 34
Ardaghy National SchoolArdaghy, Omeath Dundalk Co Louth (042 9375232)Boys: 29 Girls: 53
Monastery National School
Monastery National School
Ardee Co Louth (041 6853641)Boys: 250 Girls: 12
St Mary’s BnsAscal Na Comhdhala Droichead Atha Co LuBoys: 515
Marymount School
Marymount School
Ballsgrove Drogheda Co Louth (041 9837150)Boys: 152 Girls: 179
Presentation Primary SchoolBallymakenny Road Drogheda Co Louth (041 9837119)Boys: 80 Girls: 219
St Oliver’s National SchoolBallymakenny Road, Drogheda (041 9804578)Boys: 214 Girls: 168
Bay Estate N.S/ Scoil Mhuire Na Ngael
Bay Estate N.S/ Scoil Mhuire na nGael
Bay Estate Dundalk Co Louth (042 9336158)Boys: 321 Girls: 315
St Oliver Plunket National School
St Oliver Plunket National School
Blackrock Dundalk (042 9321598)Boys: 228 Girls: 233
St Peter’s National School
St Peter's National School
Bolton Street Drogheda Co Louth (041 9839573)Boys: 46 Girls: 45
St Brigids School – (Amalgamated – See Note)Bothar Brugha Drogheda Co Louth (041 9837133)amalgmated
St. Patricks Drogheda (Amalgamated – See Note
St. Patricks Drogheda (Amalgamated - see note
Bothar Brugha Drogheda Co Louth (041 9832800)amalgamated
St Brigids & St Patricks National SchoolBothar Brugha (041 9832800)Boys: 257 Girls: 297
St Marys Parish Primary School
Bryanstown, Drogheda Co Louth (041 9845374)Boys: 530 Girls: 476
Callystown National School
CALLYSTOWN National School
Callystown Clogherhead Drogheda Co Louth (041 9822873)Boys: 128 Girls: 130
St Olivers National School
ST OLIVERS National School
Carlingford Co Louth (042 9373405)Boys: 74 Girls: 66
Castletown Girls School
Castletown Girls School
Castletown Rd Dundalk Co Louth (042 9334574)Girls: 188
C.B.S. PrimaryChapel Street Dundalk Co Louth (042-9327861)Boys: 215 Girls: 240
Collon National School
Collon National School
Collon, Drogheda, Co Louth (041 9826594)Boys: 80 Girls: 96
Abacas DroghedaCongress Avenue, Priest Lane, Drogheda (041 9803366 )Boys: 25 Girls: 6
St Itas Special School
Crushrod Avenue Drogheda Co Louth (041 9831303)Boys: 113 Girls: 64
St Finnians National School Dillonstown
St Finnians National School Dillonstown
Dillonstown Dunleer Co Louth (041 6851725)Boys: 49 Girls: 47
Dromin National SchoolDromin Dunleer Co Louth (041 6851564)Boys: 47 Girls: 50
St Peter’S National School
St Peter’s National School
Dromiskin Co Louth (042 9372906)Boys: 120 Girls: 124
St Marys Special SchoolDrumcar Co Louth (041 6862666)Boys: 56 Girls: 24
Scoil Mhuire FatimaDublin Road Drogheda Co LouthGirls: 398
Dulargy Mixed National School
DULARGY MIXED National School
Dulargy Ravensdale Dundalk Co Louth (042 9371536)Boys: 84 Girls: 78
Scoil Naisiunta Realt Na MaraDundalk Co Louth (Amalgamated Sept ’09)Amalgamated
Ardee Educate Together N.S
Dundalk Road Ardee Co Louth (041 6853774)Boys: 111 Girls: 79
Realt Na Mara SchoolDundalk, Co LouthBoys: 256 Girls: 212
Aston Village Educate Together National SchoolDunlin Street, Aston Village (041 9849001)Boys: 208 Girls: 183
Redeemer Girls SchoolEcco Road, Ard Easmuinn, Dundalk, Co Louth (042 9331975)Boys: 5 Girls: 131
Redeemer Boys School
Redeemer Boys School
Ecco Road, Ard Easmuinn, Dundalk, Co Louth (042 9332053)Boys: 153
S.N Eoin BaisteFatima Castletown Dundalk Co Louth (042 9331575)Boys: 81 Girls: 76
Faughart Community National School
Faughart Community National School
Faughart, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9371931)Boys: 52 Girls: 37
Walshestown National School
WALSHESTOWN National School
Grangebellew, Drogheda Co Louth (041 6852285)Boys: 50 Girls: 54
Scoil Muire Na TrocaireHale Street, Ardee, Co Louth (041 6853152)Boys: 21 Girls: 292
Bellurgan National School
BELLURGAN National School
Jenkinstown, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9371479)Boys: 67 Girls: 52
Dun Dealgan National SchoolJocelyn Street Dundalk Co Louth (042 9335902)Boys: 44 Girls: 47
Kilcurley Mixed National School
Kilcurley Dundalk Co Louth (042 9337187)Boys: 99 Girls: 110
Scoil Phadraig Naofa KilcurryKilcurry Dundalk Co Louth (042 9339310)Boys: 127 Girls: 82
Kilsaran National School
Kilsaran National School
Kilsaran, Castlebellingham, Co Louth (042 9372333)Boys: 91 Girls: 78
Knockbridge National School
KNOCKBRIDGE National School
Knockbridge Dundalk Co Louth (042 9374443)Boys: 160 Girls: 145
Scoil Bhride DunleerLann Léire, Dunleer, Co Louth (041 6851324)Boys: 101 Girls: 108
St Mochta’s National School
St Mochta's National School
Louth Village, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9374840)Boys: 81 Girls: 63
St. Fursey’s National SchoolMarlbog Road, Haggardstown, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9321214)Boys: 106 Girls: 123
Realt Na Mara Sois.
Mill Street Dundalk Co Louth (Amalgamated Sept ’09)Amalgamated
Harestown National School
Harestown National School
Monasterboice, Drogheda Co Louth (041 9822112)Boys: 89 Girls: 94
Monksland National SchoolMonksland, Carlingford Co Louth (042 9376431)Boys: 80 Girls: 71
Le Cheile Educate Together
Mornington Rd., Drogheda Co Louth (041 9847427)Boys: 211 Girls: 187
Boher National School
Boher National School
Muchgrange Greenore Co Louth (042 9373604)Boys: 59 Girls: 41
St Josephs National SchoolMuirhevna Mór, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9337170)Boys: 316 Girls: 259
Gaelscoil Dhun Dealgan
Muirtheimhne Mor Dun Dealgan Co Lu (042 9339389)Boys: 103 Girls: 109
Mullaghbouy National School
Mullaghbouy National School
Mullach Bui Riverstown Dundalk Co Louth (042 9376202)Boys: 40 Girls: 27
Sandpit National School
Sandpit National School
Newhouse, Sandpit, Drogheda, Co Louth (041 9822126)Boys: 121 Girls: 109
St Nicholas’ National School
St Nicholas’ National School
Nicholas St Dundalk Co Louth (042 9330860)Boys: 83 Girls: 76
Scoil Naisiunta MuirePairc Na Rian Jenkinstown Dundalk Co Louth (042 9376296)Boys: 86 Girls: 92
St. Nicholas’ Monastery National School
Philip Street Dundalk Co Louth (042 9334920)Boys: 154
St. Kevin’s National School
St. Kevin's National School
Philipstown Dunleer Co Louth (041 6851902)Boys: 71 Girls: 59
St. John’s National SchoolRathmullen Drogheda Co Louth (041 9831488)Boys: 241 Girls: 187
St Pauls Senior National School
ST PAULS SENIOR National School
Rathmullen Drogheda Co Louth (041 9833681)Boys: 266 Girls: 223
Scoil Dairbhre MixedReadypenny Dundalk Co Louth (042 9379280)Boys: 38 Girls: 48
Rath Corr National School
Rath Corr National School
Riverstown Dundalk Co Louth (042 9376543)Boys: 31 Girls: 27
Scoil Naomh LorcanShore Road, Omeath, Dundalk Co Louth (042 9375362)Boys: 46 Girls: 35
Shelagh National School
Shelagh National School
Siolach Hackbalscross Dundalk Co Louth (042 9377510)Boys: 33 Girls: 27
Ballapousta National School
Ballapousta National School
Smarmore Ardee Co Louth (041 6853966)Boys: 90 Girls: 84
St Francis National School
St Francis National School, Rock Road, Blackrock, Co (042 9366993)Boys: 233 Girls: 196
Scoil San NioclasStabannon, Castlebellingham Co Louth (041 6851772)Boys: 57 Girls: 32
Stonetown National SchoolStonetown Lubhadh Dundalk Co Louth (042 9374883)Boys: 5 Girls: 3
St Joseph’s CbsSunday’s Gate, Drogheda (041 9833620)Boys: 246 Girls: 70
Scoil Naisiunta Aonghusa
Scoil Naisiunta AONGHUSA
Sunday’s Gate, Drogheda, Co. Louth (041 9832531)Boys: 81 Girls: 81
Tallanstown National SchoolTallanstown Dundalk Co Louth (042 9374419)Boys: 159 Girls: 131
Termonfeckin Mixed National School
Termonfeckin Drogheda Co Louth (041 9822589)Boys: 164 Girls: 133
Dundalk Grammar School
Dundalk Grammar School
The Crescent, Dundalk (042 9334459) 
Scoil Naomh BuitheTinure, Dunleer, Co Louth (041 6851503)Boys: 97 Girls: 92
Scoil Naisiunta Tulach Aluinn
Scoil Naisiunta TULACH ALUINN
Tullyallen Drogheda Co Louth (041 9833478)Boys: 212 Girls: 214
St. Colmcille’s National School
St. Colmcille's National School
Tullydonnell Togher Drogheda Co Louth (041 6852301)Boys: 89 Girls: 77
St. Joseph’s National School
St. Joseph's National School
Upper Mell, Drogheda Co Louth (041 9833990)Boys: 149 Girls: 111
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