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GAA All-Ireland Finals Stand Tickets to Cost €100

GAA All-Ireland Finals Stand Tickets to Cost €100

The GAA has announced an increase in ticket prices for the All-Ireland Senior Finals, marking the first price hike since 2019. Stand tickets for this year’s deciders in July will now cost €100, an increase of €10 from 2023. Terrace tickets for the senior finals have also seen a rise, now priced at €55, up €5 from last year.

In addition to the finals, ticket prices for senior quarter-finals and semi-finals will be increased by €5 compared to last year.

This is only the second time in 14 years that the GAA has increased ticket prices for the latter stages of the championships. The organization highlighted that, despite the increases, they have introduced various offers and discounts for GAA members. This includes the “three for two” offer available during this year’s All-Ireland series.

A GAA statement explained the rationale behind the price increase, emphasizing the benefits for clubs across the country. “Revenue generated from our fixtures will increase our club grants for the redevelopment of pitches and club facilities from €3 million in 2023 to €4.5 million in 2024, and allow the Association to commit to allocating €5 million for club facilities in 2025,” the statement read.

The GAA is committed to reinvesting in its community, with a redistribution model that aims to re-invest a minimum of 83% of its annual revenues back into its network, supporting all affiliated units.

This strategic increase in ticket prices is expected to bolster the development of club facilities and pitches, enhancing the overall experience and infrastructure for players and supporters alike.

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