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Heather Humphreys Announces Plan to Ban XL Bully Dogs in Ireland

Heather Humphreys Announces Plan to Ban XL Bully Dogs in Ireland

Minister Responds to Recent Dog Attacks with Legislative Proposal

The Irish government is moving towards banning XL Bully dogs, Minister Heather Humphreys announced, following a series of concerning dog attacks.

Minister Humphreys confirmed the government’s intent to draft legislation to ban the breed, aligning with recent actions taken in the UK. This announcement follows the tragic death of Nicole Morey (23), who was fatally attacked by an XL Bully in Limerick on June 4, hours after her birthday celebration.

Further incidents have heightened public concern, including a recent attack in Cork city involving a pit bull terrier, which resulted in two hospitalizations and the animal being shot by armed Gardaí.

Speaking in the Seanad, Minister Humphreys expressed her condolences to the victims and their families. She highlighted previous government actions following an attack on Alejandro Mizsan in Wexford last year and emphasized the need for stricter controls. “The XL Bully, a crossbreed of the American Bully, is already on the restricted breeds list, but we must go further,” she stated.

Minister Humphreys pointed to similar measures in the UK and Northern Ireland, advocating for Ireland to follow suit. She is consulting with the Attorney General on the necessary legislative changes and reassured that work on this issue is already underway.

“We all love our dogs, but no dog’s life is worth more than a human life,” Humphreys emphasized, noting the inherent aggressiveness and potential danger of XL Bully dogs compared to smaller breeds like Jack Russells.

Taoiseach Simon Harris supported the proposed ban and underscored the urgency of the task force’s work led by a former Assistant Garda Commissioner. He extended his sympathies to Nicole Morey’s family and stressed the need for swift government action.

The task force’s recommendations will be critical in shaping the final legislation, aiming to enhance public safety and prevent further tragedies.

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