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Louth Boss Ger Brennan Speaks Out as Niall Sharkey Departs for Australia

Louth Boss Ger Brennan Speaks Out as Niall Sharkey Departs for Australia

Louth GAA manager Ger Brennan has extended his best wishes to Glyde Rangers’ Niall Sharkey, who is leaving for Australia.

Sharkey’s departure comes just after playing in Louth’s recent draw with Monaghan and ahead of their Group 4 tie with Kerry, marking a significant point in Louth’s Championship campaign.

“Niall is a free spirit, and this move is something he’s wanted for a while,” Brennan said. “He didn’t manage to get to the US before Christmas, so he took the opportunity to head to Australia instead. The timing isn’t ideal, but we wish him well.”

Sharkey, a versatile player for Glyde Rangers, had planned his move for some time after failing to secure a move to America last year. The 27-year-old plumber will be flying to Brisbane soon, missing the crucial upcoming match against Kerry.

“He’s put in a tremendous amount of work this year,” Brennan continued. “He worked hard on his fitness and became a key player for us, especially after coming on at half-time in the National League game against Meath. His leadership and dedication will be missed.”

Brennan acknowledged the challenge Sharkey’s departure poses for the team, which has been performing well. “The starting 15 has been quite stable lately. Niall and Leonard Grey were competing for the same position, with Niall having the edge in recent games. With two weeks between the Monaghan and Kerry matches, we have some time for other players to step up and claim that spot.”

In addition to Sharkey’s exit, Brennan will have to contend with Ciaran Downey’s season-ending knee injury and hopes for a quick recovery for Craig Lennon. “Ciaran has been struggling with loose cartilage in his knee, which flared up recently. It’s unlikely we’ll see him in a Louth jersey for the rest of the season. However, Craig Lennon, despite picking up some minor injuries, is expected to recover quickly and be ready for the upcoming match.”

The Louth team remains hopeful and determined as they prepare for their next challenge against Kerry, aiming for a potential first-ever All-Ireland quarter-final appearance.

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