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Louth County Council Unveils Six-Year Plan to Boost Community Potential

Louth County Council has unveiled its ambitious Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) today, aimed at helping communities throughout the county reach their full economic and social potential.

The LECP, which will shape the development of County Louth over the next six years, was officially launched by members of the Louth Local Community Development Committee and the Louth Economic Strategic Policy Committee.

“The launch of the six-year plan follows a comprehensive public consultation process and extensive engagement with economic and community development stakeholders,” said a Council spokesperson.

Plan Objectives

The LECP aims to guide both economic and community development within County Louth. It focuses on creating a vibrant, sustainable, progressive, and climate-resilient county, underpinned by inclusive, healthy, empowered communities and a dynamic economy.

“The Louth LECP outlines the objectives and actions necessary to promote and support the county’s economic and local community development,” the spokesperson added. “This will be achieved through direct efforts by Louth County Council and in partnership with other stakeholders.”

High-Level Goals

The plan includes five high-level goals:

1. Community Empowerment: Louth will collaborate with all communities to help them reach their full economic and social potential.

2. Economic Development: Louth will continue to develop entrepreneurship and capitalize on the economic opportunities afforded by the county’s strategic location.

3. Inclusive Neighborhoods: Louth will foster healthy, inclusive, diverse, creative, and resilient neighborhoods.

4. Climate Resilience: Louth will actively lead efforts to increase the county’s climate resilience, sustainability, and biodiversity.

5. Community Engagement: Louth will nurture engaged, empowered, dynamic, resourced, and connected communities.

Accessing the Plan

A copy of the plan is available at Louth County Council Customer Services Desks, all libraries, and online at www.louthcoco.ie.

The Council invites residents and stakeholders to review the plan and join in the collective effort to make Louth a leading example of community and economic development in Ireland.

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