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Michael Dunlop Equals Uncle Joey’s Record with 26th Isle of Man TT Victory

Michael Dunlop Equals Uncle Joey’s Record with 26th Isle of Man TT Victory

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Michael Dunlop has matched his legendary uncle Joey Dunlop’s record of 26 victories at the Isle of Man TT. The Ballymoney native clinched this historic achievement during Saturday’s Supersport race, where he delivered an awe-inspiring performance on the world-renowned course.

Dunlop’s latest triumph was a testament to his exceptional racing prowess. He crossed the finish line a full eight seconds ahead of runner-up Davey Todd, with Dean Harrison securing third place. This victory not only cements Michael’s status as one of the TT’s all-time greats but also highlights the enduring legacy of the Dunlop family in motorsport.

The Dunlop family’s connection to the Isle of Man TT is legendary. Michael’s 26th win brings the family’s total tally of TT victories to an astounding 57. His late father, Robert Dunlop, himself a celebrated racer, won five times at the Isle of Man, contributing to the family’s storied history at this iconic event.

Michael Dunlop’s journey to equalling his uncle Joey’s record has been marked by determination and resilience, solidifying his place in the annals of TT history. Fans and fellow racers alike celebrate this monumental achievement, acknowledging the profound impact the Dunlop family has had on the sport. As Michael continues to race, the motorsport world eagerly anticipates whether he will surpass his uncle’s legendary record, further enhancing the Dunlop legacy at the Isle of Man TT.

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