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New Covid FLiRT Variant Triggers Surge in Cases and Hospitalizations in Ireland

New Covid FLiRT Variant Triggers Surge in Cases and Hospitalisations in Ireland

Covid A family doctor has provided an update on the symptoms of the new Covid FLiRT variant, as Ireland experiences a significant surge in cases and hospitalisations.

Earlier this month, health officials warned of a sharp rise in Covid cases, with the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) reporting a 20% increase in known infections and a 40% rise in hospitalizations from May 19 to May 25.

The new FLiRT variant, a collection of recently detected strains in Ireland, has been causing cold-like symptoms but more severe, including extreme fatigue and sinus issues. While the FLiRT strains now account for more than half of all infections in the US, similar trends are emerging in Europe.

Dr. Jessica Kiss from the US described the symptoms as “like a cold on steroids,” noting that while loss of taste and smell is less common, the variant still presents serious cold-like symptoms. Irish health officials continue to advise staying at home and avoiding contact with others if symptoms appear, emphasizing the importance of vigilance as cases rise.

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