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New Driver Theory Test Launching Next Week

New Driver Theory Test Launching Next Week: Everything You Need to Know

Starting Monday, 1 July, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) will introduce a new version of the driver theory test across examination centres in Ireland. This update includes questions and images aligned with the latest road safety standards and laws.

Key Updates:

Study Materials:

• For tests scheduled on or after 1 July, the latest study materials are crucial. Subscriptions to learning materials on the RSA website will automatically update. However, those with the app or physical book must purchase the new versions.

• Refunds are available for recent purchases of outdated app versions if the material is no longer relevant.

Test Rescheduling:

• If you’ve been studying older materials, the RSA advises rescheduling your test to ensure you’re well-prepared. Rescheduling or cancelling can be done free of charge if requested at least seven days before the test date.

Test Format:

• The format remains the same: 45 minutes to answer 40 questions, with a passing mark of 35 correct answers.

Learning Materials:


• New book: €21.99

• Online subscriptions: €23 to €41, depending on the term length.

• App: €16.99, available on Android and iOS.

App Benefits:

• The app offers great value, featuring mock tests and progress tracking.

Beware of Unofficial Apps:

• The RSA cautions against unlicensed, unofficial apps that do not contain the official test questions, which could lead to failing the test.

For more information, visit the RSA website here.

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