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Plans Unveiled for 22 New Homes for Seniors and Mobility-Impaired Residents in Ardee

Plans Unveiled for 22 New Homes for Seniors and Mobility-Impaired Residents in Ardee

Hospital Planning permission has been sought for the construction of 22 housing units in Ardee, specifically designed to accommodate older individuals and persons with limited mobility.

BKC Alliance Ltd has submitted the application to Louth County Council for the proposed development located at Boat Trench, Ardee, Co. Louth.

The ambitious project features five blocks of single-story, semi-detached, and terrace buildings. These blocks will consist of 18 one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units, providing a mix of housing options to meet various needs. The design aims to create a comfortable and accessible living environment for seniors and those with mobility challenges.

In addition to the housing units, the development plan includes several essential infrastructure components. These include the construction of a new access road and pedestrian pathways connecting to the public road, ensuring ease of movement within the community. Provisions for car parking and covered bicycle spaces will cater to residents and visitors, promoting both convenience and sustainable transportation options.

Site improvements also encompass enhanced lighting and revised boundary treatments, contributing to a safe and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. Associated site works will further ensure the development is integrated seamlessly into the existing community fabric.

The Louth County Council is expected to make a decision on the planning application by 13 August 2024. Community members and stakeholders have until 23 July 2024 to submit their comments and feedback on the proposed development.

This initiative represents a significant step towards addressing the housing needs of older adults and those with mobility issues in Ardee, promising to enhance their quality of life and foster a supportive community environment.

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