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Steady Decline in Live Register Numbers Across County Louth

Significant Decrease in Live Register Sign-Ons Across County Louth

County Louth Sees Steady Decline in Live Register Numbers

The number of individuals signing on to the Live Register across County Louth has fallen, as highlighted by the latest data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The “Live Register May 2024” report shows a consistent decline in the primary towns of Dundalk, Ardee, and Drogheda.

Dundalk Sees a Decline

In Dundalk, 3,342 people signed on the Live Register in May 2024. This represents a reduction of 46 from the 3,388 who signed on in April and a significant decrease of 113 from the 3,455 recorded in May 2023.

Ardee Experiences Notable Drop

Ardee also reported a decrease, with 713 people signing on in May 2024. This is 19 fewer than the 732 in April and 72 fewer, or a 9.2% drop, compared to the 785 who signed on in May 2023.

Drogheda Continues Downward Trend

In Drogheda, 3,211 people signed on in May 2024, down by 85 from April’s figure. Compared to May 2023, there is a decrease of 152, or 4.5%, from the 3,363 recorded last year.

National Trends Mirror Local Decrease

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted Live Register fell by 0.3% to 173,200 people in May 2024. The unadjusted total stood at 168,406, reflecting a year-on-year decrease of 8,210 individuals, or 4.6%.

Demographic Insights

The report also provided demographic details: of the 168,406 people on the unadjusted Live Register in May 2024, 54.9% were male, and 69.5% were Irish. The largest age group on the Live Register was the 35-44-year-olds, totaling 39,501 people or 23.5% of the overall number.

This continuous decline in Live Register numbers is a positive indicator for the economic recovery in County Louth and Ireland as a whole.

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