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Support Our Local Talent: Help Send Our Dancers to the Dance World Cup in Prague!

Support Our Local Talent: Help Send Our Dancers to the Dance World Cup in Prague!

Blackrock (BDTA) & Newry Dance Theatre Arts (NDTA) are thrilled to announce that five of our talented students have been selected to represent Team Ireland at the prestigious Dance World Cup in Prague this summer.

This incredible achievement showcases the exceptional talent cultivated at our dance school and marks a significant milestone for these young dancers as they prepare to perform on an international stage.

We Need Your Support and Sponsorship!

The opportunity to compete at the Dance World Cup is a dream come true for our dancers, but the journey to Prague comes with significant expenses. We are seeking support from our local community to help cover travel, accommodation, and competition costs. Any sponsorship or donations from individuals or businesses would be greatly appreciated to ensure these dancers can represent Ireland with pride and distinction.

Meet Our Star Dancers

Fianna McShane: Fianna’s technical prowess and dedication to her craft have earned her accolades locally and nationally. Her grace and precision make her a standout member of Team Ireland.

Caithlin Spencer: Caithlin brings dynamic energy and versatility to the stage. Her impeccable technique and flair are a testament to her hard work and talent, making her a formidable competitor.

Isla Byrne: Isla’s poise and elegance command attention. Her ability to tell stories through movement captivates audiences, earning her a well-deserved spot on Team Ireland.

Leah Campbell: Known for her athleticism and charisma, Leah’s powerful presence and agility set her apart. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her selection for Team Ireland.

Cadhla Gribben: Cadhla’s dedication to her craft shines in every performance. Her fluid movements and captivating presence make her a valuable member of Team Ireland.

Please Support This Worthy Cause

As Blackrock (BDTA) & Newry Dance Theatre Arts (NDTA) prepare for this exciting journey, we invite the community to celebrate the achievements of these five remarkable dancers and support their upcoming endeavors. With talent, determination, and community backing, Team Ireland is ready to make a lasting impression at the Dance World Cup.

Thank you for helping our dancers achieve their dreams!

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