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Tánaiste Micheál Martin Visits Ardee’s Brian Muldoon & Sons

Tánaiste Micheál Martin Visits Ardee’s Brian Muldoon & Sons

Tánaiste Micheál Martin Visits Ardee’s Brian Muldoon & Sons
Tánaiste Micheál Martin Visits Ardee’s Brian Muldoon & Sons

In a bid to bolster local support ahead of the upcoming elections, Tánaiste, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Minister for Defence Micheál Martin made a noteworthy visit to the Ardee Bar and Restaurant Brian Muldoon & Sons on Bridge Street today. He was joined by John Sheridan, a Fianna Fáil candidate vying for one of the six seats in the Ardee Local Electoral Area (LEA).

The Ardee LEA, a sprawling region in mid Louth, encompasses Kilanny and Louth Village in the north, stretching eastward to Drumcar and Dysart, and extending south to Collon and Mullary. This diverse area is currently represented by outgoing councillors John Sheridan (Fianna Fáil), Paula Butterly (Fine Gael), Pearse McGeough (Sinn Féin), Dolores Minogue (Fine Gael), Bernie Conlon (Non Party), and Jim Tenanty (Non Party).

Reflecting on the 2019 election, Dolores Minogue emerged as the top candidate, securing 1,404 first preference votes. The quota at that time was 1,313 votes, allowing Minogue, along with Colm Markey who garnered 1,388 votes, to be elected after the first count.

As the political landscape gears up for the forthcoming elections, the candidates contesting in the Ardee LEA this time include a mix of familiar faces and new challengers:

• Seán Brown, Non Party

• Paula Butterly, Fine Gael

• Kitty Colbert, Sinn Féin

• Thoman Commins, Non Party

• Bernie Conlon, Non Party

• Adam Devine, Green Party / Comhaontas Glas

• Peter Farrell, Non Party

• Kate Karpenko, The Labour Party

• Rachel Kerley, Fine Gael

• Fintan Malone, Non Party

• Niall McCreanor, Social Democrats

• Pearse McGeough, Sinn Féin

• Dolores Minogue, Fine Gael

• Phyllis Murphy, Sinn Féin

• John Sheridan, Fianna Fáil

• Jim Tenanty, Non Party

During his visit, Tánaiste Micheál Martin emphasized the importance of local governance and the vital role of community representation in shaping policy and addressing local issues. He expressed confidence in John Sheridan’s capability to continue serving the community effectively.

“The strength of our local councils lies in the dedication and commitment of our elected representatives. John Sheridan has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the people of Ardee, and I am here to support his continued efforts in driving positive change for this community,” Martin stated.

John Sheridan echoed the Tánaiste’s sentiments, highlighting his ongoing dedication to addressing local concerns and enhancing the quality of life for all residents in the Ardee LEA.

As election day approaches, the presence of high-profile political figures like Micheál Martin underscores the significance of local elections and the pivotal role they play in the broader political spectrum. The residents of Ardee and surrounding areas will soon decide who among the diverse slate of candidates will best represent their interests and lead their community forward.

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